Will $IMM be the new DNA of the healthcare blockchain ecosystem?

The global healthcare system has flourished because of several innovations and technological advancements in the last few years. Today, the global healthcare industry is one of the top GDP contributing industries and has developed new innovative ways to help patients in times of crisis. However, despite the magnitude of development, there are still several pain points experienced the most in developing economies such as Africa and Kenya.

These countries not only struggle with basic healthcare necessities but also have a higher mortality rate because of unawareness. Blockchain technology’s decentralized approach has proven to be a robust alternative with more utility and reach. Immunify.Life has taken blockchain technology to create a revolutionary healthcare project that is bringing a disruptive change in the global healthcare industry with its $IMM token at the forefront.

$IMM as a disruptive force

Immunify.Life is a blockchain-based project with the sole purpose of transforming the healthcare landscape. The project aims to leverage the latest emerging technologies to address crucial healthcare data management challenges while empowering patients and healthcare workers to take control of their data. Immunify.Life aims to resolve one of the biggest challenges of inadequate data management that leads to delay and inefficiencies.

Immunify.Life stores all healthcare data on the blockchain to facilitate easy sharing of crucial data while maintaining the privacy and security of the users. The native currency $IMM tokens play a crucial role in achieving this vision. IMM tokens are digital assets unique to Immunify.Life ecosystem and are used to transfer value between users, healthcare service providers, and other participants.

IMM tokens play a crucial role in disrupting the global healthcare industry by helping users to participate in the services offered by Immunify.Life and have several use cases, such as:

  • The tokens are used to pay fees for access to medical data.
  • They act as a payment settlement layer.
  • IMM tokens provide rewards for patients and healthcare workers (Governments and NGOs).
  • Users can stake IMM tokens upon registration for self-sovereign identity.
  • IMM tokens are also used for payment for Immunify.Life-saving accounts.
  • NFT digital medical certificates can be acquired only using IMM tokens.
  • IMM tokens facilitate the purchase of goods and services.
  • They act as Proof of Business.
  • IMM token creates incentives for clinical data providers (e.g. end-users).
  • They also act as the Incentives for Yield Farming Protocol.

IMM tokens are vital to Immunify.Life ecosystem and all its services. These tokens will enable a revolutionary change in the global healthcare industry while acting as the DNA for the industry.

About Immunify.Life

Immunify.Life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem secured by blockchain with the mission to transform the landscape of health management and data utilization. The project enables the power of Big Health Data and Artificial Intelligence to ensure seamless capture of de-identified patient healthcare data.

Immunify.Life has established a strong presence in Africa with a team that has over 60 years of combined experience in the relevant industries. It is a world-first solution to help solve global health management crises and data collection challenges.

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Immunify.life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain powered by AI with self sovereign identification.

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Immunify.life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain powered by AI with self sovereign identification.

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