The smart use cases of the $IMM token in the global healthcare system

Managing and tracking crucial patient healthcare data has defined the Covid-19 pandemic. As evidenced from the present case scenario the current global healthcare management system is not capable of handling the demands this has placed on existing healthcare systems.

Immunify.Life has designed a unique AI-supported incentivized digital disease health registry using immutable NFTs, and secured by blockchain. The Immunify.Life ecosystem has three key components, The Immunify.Life Platform, The Immunify.Life Token and The Immunify.Life App.

The IMM Token — The Health Currency of the Future

The Immunify.Life ecosystem is empowered by the IMM Token, which are the digital assets unique to the Immunify.Life ecosystem, and are used to transfer value between users, health service providers, and other participants such as third-party organizations.

The IMM Token is a standard token distributed to ensure a fair, transparent, and rewarding ecosystem. Immunity.Life focuses on the sale of medical data, with consent directly from the source, and on philanthropic contributions to the regions where it is operating. IMM Tokens plays a crucial role in achieving this goal and has several use cases within the ecosystem.

Some of these functions include:

  • As a fee for accessing medical data
  • As a payment settlement layer
  • Providing rewards to patients and healthcare workers
  • Payment for Immunify.Life saving account
  • Acquiring NFT digital medical certificates
  • Purchasing goods and services
  • Proof of Business
  • As incentives for clinical data providers in the form of IMM tokens
  • As an incentive for the Yield Farming Protocol

The Immunify.Life token plays a pivotal role in the Immunify.Life ecosystem and helps in the seamless transfer of patient data cross-border. The project leverages the token to transform the global healthcare industry and bring a more refined, global, transparent, and accurate model for sharing healthcare data.

About Immunify.Life

Immunify.Life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem secured by blockchain with the mission to transform the landscape of health management and data utilization. The project leverages the power of Big Health Data and Artificial Intelligence to ensure seamless movement of de-identified patient healthcare data.

Immunify.Life has established a strong presence in Africa with a team that has over 60 years of combined experience in the relevant industries. It is a world-first solution to solve global health management crises and data collection challenges.

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-- is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain powered by AI with self sovereign identification.

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