is pleased to announce it has commenced planning discussions with Local NGO BAWAC Blessing Associates for Woman and Children to conduct a COVID-19 pilot in two health districts in the Limbe region of Cameroon.

Blessing Associates for Women and Children BAWAC Cameroon is an organisation dedicated to human rights, youth development and entrepreneurship, prevention of gender-based violence, health, nutrition, as well as peace building, mediation and conflict resolution.

The design considerations for the COVID-19 pilot study in Cameroon include the following:

  • Assess the feasibility and community acceptance of the disease management platform
  • Identify implementation issues
  • Assess the training and technology requirements
  • Collect success stories to support launch
  • Support local community healthcare outcomes
  • Assess the impact of rewards on the completion of vaccination protocol (follow up vaccinations completed in the desired time frame)

Formally the COVID-19 clinical pilot study has two clear objectives:

  1. To demonstrate the use and acceptance of the health management app in collection of real time COVID-19 testing and vaccination records in field conditions.
  2. To scientifically assess the impact of providing the IMM token rewards on patients returning to receive their second COVID-19 vaccination

Ideally the study will have two arms, providing a comparison between incentivised and non incentivised groups. ( receiving reward tokens)

One group will receive a token reward when they present for their second vaccination, the other group will rely on regular practice.

Numbers need to be confirmed but as a starting point ideally 100 patients who are vaccinated in each group will be followed up to see if there is a difference in taking the second vaccination. This suggests at least twice that number will need to be tested for Covid 19.

Immunity.Life will provide regular updates on this important work as the organisation and BAWAC Cameroon prepare to launch the COVID-19 pilot study.

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