Press Release June 2021

COVID 19 Clinical Study Plan Kenya is pleased to announce it has instigated planning discussions with a prestigious research focused university MMUST, based in Kenya.

MMUST (Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology) is the premier science, technology and innovation university in Kenya. It has approximately 17,000 students across its branches. Main Campus (Kakamega Town).

The university has a focus on international collaboration and has previously executed agreements with Save the Children Fund, a world leading NGO with 25,000 dedicated staff across 117 countries, and as such is an excellent research partner.

The study is to have two key objectives:

  1. To demonstrate the usability and acceptance of the health management app in the collection of real time COVID 19 testing and vaccination records in field conditions.
  2. To scientifically assess the impact of providing IMM token rewards on patients returning to receive their second Covid-19 vaccination.

The aim is to recruit a minimum of 200 patients into the study and seek publication in a reputable international journal.

The need to conduct this type of research was recently highlighted by one of the worlds most prestigious academic journals, Science Magazine.

“Timely and widespread dissemination of resources and information related to pathogenic threats plays a critical role in outbreak recognition, research, containment, and mitigation as stakeholders from government, public health industry, and academia seek to implement interventions and develop vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs. But there are persistent barriers to sharing and cooperative research and development in the context of epidemics, rooted in a lack of trust in confidentiality and reciprocity, ambiguity over resource ownership and conflicting public, private, and academic incentives. Here, we suggest how recent advances in blockchain and related technologies can enable decentralized mechanisms to help break down these systemic and largely non-technological barriers.”

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