Partnership with State of the Heart Recovery - Use of Immunify.Life technology in treatment for substance abuse.

Immunify.Life is delighted to announce that it as established a partnership with the State of the Heart Recovery Centre (SHRC) from Albuquerque New Mexico, to collaborate on applying data, and technological solutions to the challenges and opportunities of addiction recovery and treatment, with a particular focus on opioid addiction.

According to the WHO worldwide illicit drug use is a huge medical and social issue with 500,000 people dying each year due to drug use. More than 70% of these deaths are related to opioid use, with more than 30% of those deaths caused by overdose.

According to WHO estimates approximately 115,000 people died of opioid overdose in 2017. It is estimated that in 2017 62 million people globally used opioids.

The State of the Heart Recovery Centre (SHRC) is an all-inclusive treatment centre for substance abuse, including opioid addiction. It is a fully accredited treatment facility for opioid addiction and is unique in that it offers a holistic approach addressing all aspects of an individual’s emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Their programmes incorporate traditional evidence-based treatments such as group therapy and individual counselling as well as cutting edge technological applications with 24 hour /7 day outreach support via mobile apps with integrated biometric feedback.

The partnership between SHRC and Immunify.Life has been established to explore use of the Immunify.Life technology App to record, track & analyses clinical outcomes & behaviour modifications relating to adherence to addiction recovery treatment.

A key feature of the collaboration will be use of the IMM tokens to incentivise patients to adhere to treatment.

A clinical pilot of the Immunify technology in this therapeutic setting is expected to commence in Q4 CY 2021.

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