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Despite the exponential growth in technology, the global health sector still relies on paper records that are poorly managed, non-secure and inconsistent. Paper records are inefficient as they cannot be easily shared with other medical institutions to create a patient-centric healthcare model.

Several experts worry that incompatible data sources result in poor deployment and monitoring of drugs and treatment. The inefficient monitoring of patient healthcare can lead to the loss of critical resources such as drug stockpiles.

Immunify.Life has developed a blockchain solution for the inefficient management of healthcare data using AI-powered Big Data. The Immunify.Life platform includes a complete eHealth ecosystem that is made from three key components, The Immunify.Life Platform, The Immunify.Life Token (IMM), and The Immunify.Life app.

Immunify.Life’s Solution to inefficient data management

Immunify.Life, in collaboration with LTI LarsenToubro InfoTech, has developed an AI-powered Big Data tool to address the inefficiencies of the present global healthcare system. After the recent COVID-19 global pandemic it is more evident than ever that the world lacks technological resources to provide efficient global healthcare management of pandemic outbreaks.

During the pandemic, healthcare suffered mainly from a lack of integrated and real-time accurate systems to track outbreaks, efficiently monitor vaccination records and detect counterfeit drugs. However, Immunify.Life has a solution for this problem in the form of Big Data AI.

Immunify.Life is equipped to offer a vital tool to share and monitor essential vaccination data in a timely and reliable manner. As Immunify.Life is powered by blockchain technology, all data is stored safely and can be shared with healthcare institutions quickly and securely when required.

Moreover, Immunify.Life will integrate with other international vaccination systems, such as the IATA initiative, to develop features such as immunity passports to create all the stringencies in case of any future pandemics.

The platform uses the power of blockchain technology combined with the support of the community to transform the global healthcare sector. Immunify.Life is, patient by patient, making existing patient data management systems obsolete and introducing blockchain as a faster and safer alternative.

Immunify.Life aims to revitalize legacy health systems by saving time and lost information. This will be done by enhancing the value of existing clinical data, reducing drug wastage and theft, creating a patient-centric healthcare model, addressing vulnerabilities of healthcare, and offering a practical approach to simplify international healthcare management.

Using the tools and resources at hand, Immunify.Life has developed a three-tier patient model where,

  • Tier 1 users will get free medical treatment by participating in the Immunify.Life ecosystem and agreeing to share (de-identified) data with third parties and partners of the platform.
  • Tier 2 users can purchase a digital vaccination certification in the form of NFTs and store it in their digital wallet.
  • Tier 3 users include medical research organizations, NGOs, etc., that can access de-identified patient data for research purposes.

Immunify.Life has formed an expert team in Africa and Asia with over 60 years of combined healthcare, technological and finance expertise across global markets. This experience not only makes the platform capable but also provides it with the necessary tools and information to effect change in the global healthcare industry.

Immunify.Life using Big Data AI will revolutionize the face of the global healthcare system by creating a patient-centric, optimized, and blockchain-powered healthcare model. To learn more about Immunify.Life, visit

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-- is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain powered by AI with self sovereign identification.

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