Immunify.Life Treasury Celebration — Register for Bonus IMM Tokens!
3 min readNov 26, 2022


We are only a few days away from the anticipated launch of the Immunify.Life public sale and, consequently, the Treasury ー an in-house mechanism for facilitating the purchase of $IMM tokens. As we inch closer to this important event, we are happy to announce that early public sale participants will receive a 10% bonus on their purchases!

This token purchase bonus is a special gift we are offering to our community to celebrate the launch of our Treasury. Anybody can participate and get this token bonus, but it is a “first-come, first-served” opportunity and will be ONLY available for the first 100 public sale participants!

You don’t want to miss this!

How to get your 10% IMM Token Bonus

To become eligible for the 10% token bonus, you need to be one of the first 100 individuals to purchase $IMM during the public sale.

Registration for the Immunify.Life public sale begins at 7 am UTC on 28th November.

To enter the public sale, you need to complete the registration process and KYC verification before you can purchase IMM tokens. Once you have completed these steps, you will become eligible for the 10% bonus.

Go here for a complete breakdown of how to register and participate in the Immunify.Life public sale event.

NOTE: You will receive your 10% token bonus once the TGE occurs, and the same vesting period as the public sale applies to the token bonus.

For example: if you purchase $1000 worth of $IMM tokens through the Treasury at the public sale price, you’d be receiving 10,000 $IMM tokens. If you get the 10% bonus additional, you’d be receiving 11,000 total tokens.

The Immunify.Life Treasury

The Immunify.Life Treasury is a key component of our public sale event and a token purchase platform that allows our community to purchase IMM tokens safely. Our developers have worked hard on this feature for several months, testing it, making different tweaks and improvements, and now, it is complete and ready for public use.

The Treasury is Immunify.Life’s in-house token purchase mechanism; tailored to cater to the needs of our community.

For more details on the Treasury and why we created it, check out this article here.

“With the Immunify.Life public sale on the horizon. We would like to celebrate the successful launch of the Treasury by offering the community a gift of 10% bonus IMM tokens for participating in the public sale. This bonus is for the early birds, the first 100 people that support us during the public sale. It is another testament to our dedication to the ever-growing community of Immunify.Life!” —Mahmoud El Hallab, CMO, Immunify.Life.

First come, First served…

The 10% token bonus is an early bird opportunity ONLY available to the first 100 buyers of IMM. Register here and mark your spot so you don’t miss this chance.

Also, you can find the countdown for the public sale event on our website. Watching the countdown clock is a great way to track the start of the event so that you can be among the first 100 people to claim your 10% token bonus!

About Immunify.Life

Immunify.Life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem secured by blockchain with the mission to transform the landscape of health management and data utilization. The project leverages the power of Big Health Data and Artificial Intelligence to ensure the seamless movement of de-identified patient healthcare data.

Immunify.Life has established a strong presence in Africa with a team that has over 60 years of combined experience in the relevant industries. It is a world-first holistic and self-sustaining ecosystem to solve global health management crises and data collection challenges.

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