Immunify.Life Token (IMM) — Leveraging DeFi to Save Lives

Once upon a time, crypto-assets were an unknown asset class to the rest of the world. With the possibilities that decentralized finance (DeFi) brings, crypto-assets have rapidly gained in popularity. With more institutional money pouring into the market, the scope for crypto assets’ to do good and benefit the world is expanding. After many people were affected by the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that we are not owners of the world but rather have a responsibility to preserve the environment in which we live. Most of all, humanity has learned the lesson that collective health and wellbeing depend on individual actions and access to proper healthcare.

Institutional investors are already constructing portfolios that address the traditional market’s environmental, social, and governance problems; consequently, this “ESG” trend is expected to continue in the crypto market. Blockchain technology creates an open playing field for new solutions that were impossible not long ago.

It is essential to understand that Blockchain is not synonymous with cryptocurrency. Blockchain makes it possible for decentralized finance to take place as well as data storage and distribution with the highest level of accuracy and security available to date. In the case of Immunify.Life, enables use cases for social good such as reducing financial and geoeconomic barriers to healthcare for patients and providers while collecting valuable de-identified data for developing new treatments or gauging the health state of a region or country by governments, NGOs, and other institutions.

Immunify.Life combines Blockchain’s main features to bring access to healthcare in emerging markets; the ability to collect tamper-proof and de-identified data and provide financial incentives by rewarding patients and professionals who comply with healthcare treatment with its token IMM. In addition, Immunify will provide a staking mechanism with the slogan “Staking for life,” which will allow active IMM users to receive APY rewards. The more IMM tokens are staked, the more lives Immunify can save, a compelling reason to stake IMM tokens. At its most basic, IMM stakers have the potential to earn significant rewards by staking IMM while also making a real-world difference. These staking and the rewards lower the barriers for the commercialization of de-identified patient data shared with the community of IMM stakers.

By incorporating a tokenized reward system for stakers that reduces the frictional fees to make healthcare affordable, social good becomes a vital component of the sector, further leveraging the strength that comes from the involvement of the blockchain/crypto community.

In assessing this market gap, Immunify.Life’s CMO Renato Zamagna shares:

“Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) assets are estimated to top $50 trillion by 2025. What does this mean for ESG in DeFi?” Currently, just a few impact-driven initiatives have debuted, accounting for a fraction of the total TVL. ESG DeFi, increasingly emerging and evolving in the crypto ecosystem, will onboard the subsequent 100 million DeFi users or more. Consequently, promoting inventiveness and creativity for the deployment of other social and environmental focused crypto projects.”

To date, Immunify.Life has received over $2 million in funding from Gains Associates, DCI, to name a few.

The Immunify.Life Staking for Life initiative will kick off with an innovative staking mechanism. Initially, there will be two functionality options. One for single stakers rewarded through the collection of transaction fees from data samplers, and liquidity providers that will be rewarded through staked liquidity incentives. In addition, Immunify.Life will launch a world-first charitable DeFi arm that will donate a portion of rewards to partnered charities.

Immunify.Life has been working behind the scenes with other synergetic projects that also leverage blockchain technology for social good. Additionally, the company is investigating the possibility of supporting refugees worldwide by providing remote work for digital services. These partnerships will be announced shortly.

Deployment for future impact

Immunify.Life will launch the IMM token on Ethereum Mainnet (ERC20) utilizing Polygon (MATIC) as L2 solution, with intentions to migrate to the Cardano blockchain (ADA) once their infrastructure is more favorable. In addition to the token, Immunify.Life will launch a mobile app that will be the core of its ecosystem.

Currently, Immunify.Life is conducting HIV treatment studies in Kenya in partnership with the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST). In this study, IMM token rewards are being used to encourage lapsed HIV patients to resume taking their medication Immunify is also carrying out studies in Zambia for an NFT based COVID-19 certificate passport and an Opioid recovery study in New Mexico, USA. In this study, token rewards are being used to encourage recovering addicts to stick to their rehabilitation programs.

Immunify.Life’s vision would be considered utopian less than a decade ago. Thanks to Blockchain and DeFi, the company can launch an initiative to bring rewards to its token holders and save lives simultaneously. The definition of a win-win situation.

ESG crypto projects such as Immunify.Life makes the future a lot brighter and certainly a lot healthier. Join us and help save lives (earning decent rewards while at it)!



-- is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain powered by AI with self sovereign identification.

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