Immunify.Life & COVID-19

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has evidenced how unprepared healthcare systems around the world lack the technological and system resources required to deal with global health management and pandemic outbreaks. It has also made governments aware of the pressing need for fast, secure and transparent access to and exchange of critical medical data between facilities, researchers, medical professionals, institutions and users as well as the need to consolidate this data as Big Health Data, to understand global trends and resource requirements.

Major Challenges of COVID-19

Although there are multiple challenges associated with COVID-19, these are the high-level concerns related to the critical role of health data:

  • Lack of integrated, accurate real-time systems for tracing large populations at various stages of infection.
  • Limited ability to efficiently monitor and verify vaccination records in emerging economies.
  • Vaccination certificates for travellers and employees can easily be forged or copied.
  • Limited ability to certify accurate treatment data to allow for safe international travel.
  • Misinformation spreading via social media platforms of incorrect health safety measures.
  • Politicizing of pandemic response and global inequalities in allocating related health resources like vaccines.

Immunify.Life will provide a vital tool to capture and share essential vaccination data in a reliable and timely manner.

As Immunify.Life collects accurate vaccination information at the point of treatment in emerging economies, it can help ensure that patients have received proper medical treatment and store the verified record to prove it.

Immunify.Life will integrate with other international vaccination systems like the IATA initiative to pursue the implementation of immunity passports, thus making the current deployment both critical and timely for scaling and commercial market entry.

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