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Immunify.Life Business Model

Immunify.Life’s technology and platforms offer the mechanisms and framework to capture large amounts of vital data for populations where currently insufficient reliable data exists, allowing their health needs to be better understood & managed.

Data capture, data consolidation & reporting is provided FREE to patients, Health practitioners & directly related health institutions, empowering individuals and local communities and ultimately entire nations.

The commercial provision of Big Health Data to health investors generates income to support further implementation and technological improvements making the ecosystem both economically self-sustaining and rapidly scalable while serving the health data needs and interests of all of its stakeholders.

Immunify.Life is pursing multiple real world token use cases and revenue streams:

  • Bulk sale of clinical data to NGOs, Governments & Commercial Organisations.
  • Governments & Commercial organisations: Purchase detailed disease & prescription treatment data with IMM tokens.
  • NGOs: purchase real time granular analysis of the impact of their donations. (with IMM tokens)
  • Vaccination Certification.
  • Individual purchase proof of vaccination NFTs for travel and work.
  • AI Module both for NGOs & Governments.
  • World class Artificial Intelligence engine licensed by governments and corporations to provide predictive analysis unprecedented insights into data, with google type interface.
  • Charitable Donations. (Yield Farming & Direct)
  • Yield Farming — donors will be able to participate in a DeFi protocol and nominate a % of the yield to their nominated charity.
  • Direct donations — a margin is taken from IMM holders who donate direct to charities.

Immunify.Life is targeting markets with a combined Total Addressable Market (TAM) value >USD$70bn:

  • Global clinical data total addressable market (TAM) for Pharmaceutical Industry >USD 44bn
  • Vaccination Certification TAM> USD 7bn
  • Health AI for Governments TAM> USD 22bn

With multiple revenue streams and huge addressable markets Immunify.Life expects to hit breakeven within first full year of operation. Noting the revenue stream for vaccination certification is generating >USD 200m in first 5 years.

Immunify.Life already operationalising its “real world” user case programme with COVID-19 Technology app launched and ready to be used in real world pilots in Kenya, Cameroon. These clinical pilots will commence in September.

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