Immunify.Life Announces Appointment of Marketing Communications Manager
2 min readFeb 14, 2022


Immunify.Life announced today the appointment of Fábio Wehb Ferrari as Marketing Communications Manager. Fábio will be an integral part of the executive team in his new role. He will develop and tactically implement an integrated marketing communications strategy for Immunify.Life

Fábio has over 20 years of experience working in traditional marketing for big companies in Brazil and the United States. He joined the Digital Marketing space in 2017 after being approached by Ana Elle and Renato Zamagna, our CMO, whom Fábio describes as his mentor in the blockchain field. Fábio rose through the ranks to become CMO after only two years at Agency ROE, Brazil’s first digital marketing agency focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency. He has worked primarily with sustainable blockchain projects like EMP Token and Light DeFi.

Fábio accepted the opportunity to work for Immunify.Life after being invited by our CMO. He believes Immunify will revolutionize the healthcare system by using blockchain technology to save lives worldwide. The new team member left ROE, where he is still an Advisor, to become Immunify’s Marketing Communications Manager.

We are delighted to have Fábio on board and look forward to leveraging his skills to assist us in achieving our goal of transforming the healthcare ecosystem.

About Immunify.Life

Immunify.Life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem secured by blockchain with the mission to transform the landscape of health management and data utilization. The project leverages the power of Big Health Data and Artificial Intelligence to ensure seamless movement of de-identified patient healthcare data.

Immunify.Life has established a strong presence in Africa with a team that has over 60 years of combined experience in the relevant industries. It is a world-first holistic and self-sustaining ecosystem to solve global health management crises and data collection challenges.

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