Immunify.Life and Mobiquity Form Partnership to Finalise Development of Blockchain Technology Platform for HIV Study in Kenya

Immunify.Life is delighted to announce its partnership with Mobiquity (part of the Hexaware Group).

The partnership will facilitate the development of its technology platform that will underpin the ground-breaking HIV study to be conducted in Kenya between Immunify.Life and Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST).

As previously announced, the 5 year collaboration between the two organisations will undertake clinical research in Kenya for the purposes of improving patient outcomes and strengthening health system performance for patients affected by HIV / AIDS.

The Immunify.Life framework can capture large amounts of vital data for populations where this technology does not exist, allowing their health needs to be better understood and managed.

Mobiquity, a digital product consulting and engineering firm, enables the application of complex technology to address these challenging real world problems. Mobiquity will assist the Immunify team in refining clinical data capture and analysis as well as the incentivization pathway for both patients and healthcare workers.

Vice President Asia Pacific of Mobiquity, Gustavo Quiroga

“It’s not everyday you can truly say you are making a difference to the health and wellbeing of people through your job, especially in support of the 37.9m people around the globe currently living with HIV or Aids. We are excited to partner with Immunify.Life in using technology for good.”

Chief Executive Officer of Immunify.Life, Guy Newing:

“Our vision is to empower patients with HIV in Africa to own and manage their health future with their dedicated healthcare providers. We are delighted that Mobiquity has joined us in partnership and with their expertise will help to secure this vision.”

About Mobiquity

Mobiquity, part of Hexaware, is a full-service digital transformation enabler that delivers compelling digital products and services that serve a purpose, by blending strategy, creative and engineering. Mobiquity harnesses a sector-agnostic approach to human-centred innovation applied with in-depth industry expertise.

Founded in 2011 with a focus on mobile technology solutions, Mobiquity has adapted to client needs across 9 different geographical locations, providing end-to-end omnichannel digital services to leading B2B and B2C brands.

Mobiquity’s global team of 800+ employees serves over 100 million users everyday. The company takes shared ownership and accountability throughout the entire clients’ project life cycle, enabling digital transformation success.

About Immunify.Life

Immunify.Life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem secured by blockchain with the mission to transform the landscape of health management and data utilization. The project leverages the power of Big Health Data and Artificial Intelligence to ensure seamless movement of de-identified patient healthcare data.

Immunify.Life has established a strong presence in Africa with a team that has over 60 years of combined experience in the relevant industries. It is a world-first holistic and self-sustaining ecosystem to solve global health management crises and data collection challenges.

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-- is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain powered by AI with self sovereign identification.

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