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14 min readJul 25, 2022


Let’s begin with an introduction of yourself — for both your traditional work experience, and your blockchain background? Also, if there’s anything you can tell us about the team.

Sam Bassily:

I started my career over 22 years ago as a C++ Software Engineer within the high-stakes, fast-paced world of options market making and trading.

Keeping as hands-on as I could, I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the premier players in the industry and allowed to build several exceptional teams. I have helped build several high-achieving firms from the bottom up in a very competitive space.

The team is a fantastic set of talented people, bringing to bear 60+ years of medical knowledge and crypto experience, technology, and marketing. They are spread across the planet making us a truly global team. We are very proud and fortunate.

Can you please give us a high-level overview of the description of the Immunify.Life project?

Sam Bassily: is a data-focus Medical Tech company looking to leverage the latest blockchain and crypto tech to unlock the value in data to solve pressing health issues in developing countries and impoverished societies.

We are using blockchain technology to save lives and make a real difference in the world in Africa and other areas around the globe

That’s truly commendable. What are the main features of the project?

Sam Bassily:
Thank you, an excellent question, there are 3 main features of our project:

The Immunify Clinical platform manages patient interaction and records healthcare records, much like you may find in a hospital or Doctors surgery.

A Patient App, gives the patient access to their wallet, allowing them to sell, stake, and transfer their IMM tokens, as well as access to their medical records when available.

Also, the Token, the engine room behind Immunify.Life. Our Token represents our Data Economy; it allows patients to stake and receive fees for their data from “Data samplers” who must buy and stake tokens representing the data they are utilizing.

In what ways are you different from other healthcare projects?

Sam Bassily:
There are many differences, we are looking to address fundamental challenges faced by developing countries by

Providing the system at no cost to end users, eliminating cost as a barrier to wide scale acceptance;

unlocking the value in data and putting it to use by providing comprehensive medical platforms, helping with efficiency, reducing theft, and effective patient management;

providing an inherent behaviour-changing token incentivisation model. Patients who die because they cannot afford to access treatment now can.

and we align profits and purpose, including and most importantly for all token holders, be they patients or crypto investors.

Guy Newing
We stand out from other health projects as we have a solution that healthcare workers can use at no cost and it can directly address some of the world’s major health challenges like HIV, OPIOID addiction and COVID. There are significant revenue opportunities so the business will be here for the long term.

*Twitter Segment*

Let’s take this next question from Twitter user @rami35820431:

Who’s your target audience? Do you think the average retail inverter would understand the concept of how revenue is generated?

Guy Newing:
Main customers for data will be NGOs, government pharma companies, and health insurers. They will buy the data from us, with Immunify and patients benefit.

Main customers for data will be NGOs, government pharma companies ,and health insurers. They will buy the data from us, with Immunify and patients benefit

Sam Bassily:
I’d also like to quickly add to that.

We all know the value of data in our modern world. We capture data through functional systems, securely and ethically provide de-identified data for analysis, and allow the rightful owners to benefit from its revenue.

We’ve also been joined by Guy, founder of Immunify.Life

Welcome to the GAINS community

Guy Newing:
Hi everyone I’m Guy Newing. The founder. I have lived in, visited and worked in more than 50 countries and spent over 20 years in international healthcare. I have built and successfully exited from several healthcare businesses. I have been working in the crypto space since 2017.

What blockchain(s) is Immunify.Life currently targeting?

Sam Bassily:
We are running our testnet to support the Kenyan work on Ether. For the next stage we are planning to use Cardano, as we and they build capability. We see our future as blockchain agnostic.

This question is really important to our community

Can you please explain to us the utility of the token and all ways that it can be used to add value to holders?

Guy Newing:
There is strong token utility.

Tokens are used as incentives to reward patients and doctors to improve health

organizations who want to access the data needed to acquire tokens. The more data we collect the more tokens are required for sampling.

How important is community for your project?

Sam Bassily:
At Immunify.Life, we believe that the community is a very important part of the project’s development and success. In the coming months we plan to launch many activities to promote the community growth and reward our most supportive members.

Guy Newing:
We like to look at our community as if they are part of our family. We thrive for community engagement, feedback and always enjoy making sure all our members are happy and satisfied in our community!

Sam Bassily:
If you have any questions feel free to join our community we are always happy to help, learn and teach.

Let’s chip in this question from Twitter user @iracundito

From what I have read, you at Immunify Life are very focused on the African continent. What are your plans to expand to other latitudes, such as Europe and Latin America? What are the next regions where you hope to develop your initiative?

Thank you so much!

Sam Bassily:
Great question, Africa is our starting point, as Africa is where the pressing need is. There are limited/inadequate systems, often paper-base, there is no ability or desire for improvement from the government, this is leading to preventable death on a catastrophic scale.

Great question, Africa is our starting point, as Africa is where the pressing need is. There are limited/inadequate systems, often paper-base, there is no ability or desire for improvement from the government, this is leading to preventable death on a catastrophic scale.

The concept of giving everyone sovereign ownership of what is rightfully theirs will spread globally,

Guy Newing:
We are also working in the US and New Mexico to use IMM tokens to address Opioid addiction, there is a massive health issue and we can make a difference.

From Twitter user @hahuhahuha234

Buyback mechanism is a very good mechanism being used by many projects. This mechanism will bring many benefits to your project. Do you plan to add this mechanism to your project?

Guy Newing:
This is our proof of the business model, unique utility of our Token. When a service transaction arises from NGO, countries and foundations and any other business that want to use Immunify.Life’s services and software. The IMM token is used as a payment settlement layer where 50% of the funds received will be used to purchase IMM tokens off the market, and 50% will go to Immunify.Life for rollouts and supporting its core business.

This is the final question before we move to the quiz section:

The most important asset that Immunify Life has is the data and anonymous information of its users, so can you explain to me how the data collection process is and how secure it is? What mechanism do you have in place to protect the data from external contamination?

Sam Bassily:
Oh, great question, and one we take extremely seriously. You are correct; health data is the most sensitive and personal of all. We are being entrusted with securing people’s most precious data; It is information about themselves, their families and loved ones.

To operate within this space, we are bound by many strict regulations. For example, we have had to acquire government regulatory and university ethics approval to conduct our current study in Kenya.

Over and above this, we use best practice techniques to ensure everyone’s data is stored at the highest level of security. To participate in the study, the patient must also provide informed consent four us to share their data. Hope this helps answer your question.

Thanks for these detailed answers.

We will have more questions later but for now we will conduct a little quiz, to test how well the community knows the Immunify.Life project

​​Sam Bassily:
What country are we doing our first HIV project?

Guy Newing:
Who is the CEO of

Sam Bassily:
In what country is the Opioid crisis having the biggest impact?

We move on to the live Telegram community round now where each person is limited to only 1 post with 1 question max.

*LIVE Telegram Community Round*

What are the main problems in the traditional HealthCare System?

How is your platform going to solve this problem? How will it compare about the cost of investment in both the systems?

Guy Newing:
In Africa, they rely primarily on paper based systems so they cannot easily track and monitor patients so systems are open to inefficiencies, mismanagement and corruption.

How is Immunify Integrating with NGO’s & Institutions?

& What would their roles be in Your Ecosystem?

Sam Bassily:
Hi Dino, great question. We have a strong network and relationship with several NGOs, we integrate by providing them with a platform to deploy their care and clinical program, as well as the real-time and end of program data to analyse. Our tech and crypto helps them reach and treat as many people as possible.

What security measures does Immunify Life have in place to protect our private data from hacking attacks?

Sam Bassily:
Hi, we follow all regulatory requirements and attempt to go above and beyond. In the US for example, we will be Hippa compliant when working with our partners as State of the Heart recovery. In Kenya we have had to go through government and university approval processes.

Do you guys have support for any Govt. Or Semi-Govt enterprises?What will be the impact on ImmuniFy due CryptoCurrency Regulation barrier in some Big countries?

Guy Newing:
Currently we are working in Zambia ato et regulatory approval to commence a study in three centerres to evaluate creating vaccination certificates. In Kenya we are working with AMPATH, an international NGO. The HIV study which is starting next week in Kenya will open many doors to governments who want to improve health outcomes.

You have a MASSIVE 100,000 $IMM Giveaway. Can you tell me how I can enter this great massive giveaway? also When it is going to start and when it is ending? How many winners will be there?

Guy Newing:
It’s a gleam campaign you can see the details in our socials.

How will Immunify.Life eliminate geoeconomic barriers to treatment?

Sam Bassily:
Hi James, perfect question! We are trying to eliminate barriers by releasing the value in everyone’s data. A major barrier to treatment in Africa specifically is financial, and people simply cannot afford to visit treatment clinics, our tech makes it possible for them to do so, and possible for there to be effective management when they are there.

IMM TOKEN Is on the CARDANO BLOCKCHAINS, Can I ask You Why the CARDANO Was Chosen and Also tell me Some of the REAL LIFE USE CASES of the $IMM TOKEN?

Guy Newing:
We like Cardano as we are aligned in our focus on making a difference in Africa, they promise high speed, high capacity and low fees, all of which is essential for a health platform managing hundreds of transactions per second, also pretty green.

What are your current Clients?

As I am from India, Health condition here is not so great. How do you see this market?

What do you think is the main problem in Expanding it to Developing countries over Developed Countries?

Guy Newing:
In some ways there are more opportunities in emerging economies, sometimes it is difficult as data networks are not as well established and phone ownership is not as high.

I want to know why the shift from Legacy Health IT systems to novel technologies is a must?

Sam Bassily:
Legacy often = paper-based and old opaque systems. Or in a lot of cases, no system. We provide the system for free.

I heard about the first HIV Clinical Platform & Patient App development by Immunify Life has completed. What’s exactly the goal from this program ?

Guy Newing:
Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of those in need and empower people to take control of their health data, we want to work with local communities to make a difference.

What part of the world or community are you currently focused on to eliminate geoeconomic barriers to treatment of patients? Which countries in Africa do you currently support?

Sam Bassily:
We are active in Kenya, awaiting approval in Zambia and starting a new project in New Mexico. Someday soon, we hope to see everyone have secure access to their own healthcare data.

Who verifies that the data provided by patients within the ImmunifyLife app is true? Do you have affiliated health care institutions that verify this?

Guy Newing:
The data is collected by healthcare workers at the time they are delivering treatment, so when people visit the clinic so data is verified by the clinician the systemtm has incentives we can provide to healthcare workers to encourage them to use the system.

How can Doctors and Nurses benefit from your platform? I didn’t see anywhere you’ve talked about the benefits the project offers Doctors, Nurses and other essential workers that have sacrificed alot for us just to be healthy and alive or you don’t have any products or packages tailored towards them?

Guy Newing
Good question incentives can be provided to Health workers to do certain things like testing for a disease or vaccinating children. Also the system will allow doctors to track and manage their patients better.

What are the biggest strengths of your project?Can you share with us your visions which make it different from competitors?

Sam Bassily
Hi Sigma, we see several strengths, our great team, our tech, and, importantly, our partnerships in Africa and the USA, MMUST University in Kenya and State of the Heart in New Mexico. Very few companies of our size have the opportunity to roll their systems out to real patients in critical need. Our vision is to take the concept global and provide healthcare equity to as many people as possible…..

As it is known in the field of health, there is injustice and inequality in many countries. So how can you guarantee us that the ImmunityLife project will treat everyone equally and fairly? How does ImmunityLife follow a path to ensure justice in the field of health and not only serve the elite and the rich?

Guy Newing:
This is a real challenge, we plan to work with governments and NGOS to provide the service where it is most needed. The system is provided at no cost to the end user so that should help ensure more open access.

One thing that caught my attention about your project is Immunify Foundation, a philanthropic DAO but what function will this DAO have within the Immunify Life ecosystem? Why do you consider it a philanthropic DAO? Will the community be able to vote and make decisions in that DAO?

Guy Newing:
The Foundation will benefit from staked tokens that are directed to the foundation .we will use a DAO structure to decide on how those funds are deployed.

How do you guys implement the Immunify project and the vision of the Immunify project so that it is easily accepted in the health industry or people in Africa in certain areas and investors?

Sam Bassily:
Hi Erza, nothing comes easily. The team has been working very hard to build relationships and trust with our clinical partners, allowing us to achieve what we have achieved to date.

One of the best ways for people to make good investment decisions is transparency in the deployment of health resources. How does the Immunify project improve the investment decisions of companies that are related to medical care or service?

Guy Newing:
Accurate real time data that captures treatments and health outcomes will provide great insights for payors like NGOS and governments who fund health programs.

Staking is one of the several ways to keep the project ecosystem up and running and also, increase the value and price of the corresponding token. What are the requirements to participate in staking $IMM? And what’s in for me as an investor in terms of APR and governance proposal?

Guy Newing:
We have a well designed staking protocol that will give good APR and also help drive health improvements. Join our telegram group to find out more in the coming weeks as we ramp up to listing.

I understand that Immunify Life’s underlying asset is data but I would like to know how they generate revenue with the data they collect from their users? How will investors make a profit and a good return with Immunify Life?

Sam Bassily:
Hi Patrick, you are correct, the token represents the de-identified research data; samplers of the data buy tokens and ‘stake’ them for the duration of their engagement, on the other side, patients or crypto investors stake and receive fees from the usage of the data. An elegant model whereby patients and also investors reap the benefit. Data samplers like NGOs may also buy and stake tokens to reduce data fees, therefore increasing demand further.

I see that #Immunify really stands out from other health projects because we have a solution that healthcare workers can use at no cost., what solution does #Immunify have can directly address some of the world’s major health challenges like COVID19?

Guy Newing:
Our system collects real time data for covid. We are trailing NFT vaccination certificates (could also be used for other vaccines like malaria, yellow fever etc) the doctor records vaccination date and expiry and batch numbers with the patients identity making a secure accurate record on an NFT.

Does Immunify Life plan to partner with third-generation blockchains to build fast, scalable structures?

Guy Newing:
It’s a good point that we will need a blockchain that is fast, scalable and inexpensive to allow us to grow.

In your DECK, I Read about the CHARITABLE DEFI ARM. Would You Please Tell Me More about this CHARITABLE DEFI ARM , And What are its Main Benefits?

Guy Newing:
Charitable DeFi will give investors an opportunity to stake their tokens and allocate a portion of their APR to the foundation. The Foundation will have a a DAO structure to allocate the funds

Even though we had great technology today, the world struggled a lot in the current pandemic. Do you think ImmunifyLife can contribute a good solution for this problem? Do ImmunifyLife plan to contribute to the fight against that kind of pandemics?

Guy Newing:
Our system if used by doctors will provide real time tracking of disease and health so it would be very helpful in managing and tracking any disease outbreak

What are the metrics you follow to determine how many tokens it will be assigned to a patient and a doctor?

Sam Bassily:
Hi Juan, it will be based on a number of factors, including the program the clinic or NGO is deploying and where. Such a fair incentive it reached. Various socioeconomic factors. our program in Kenya for example, we need to provide payment enough such that patients are able to attend clinics that would involve travel and take time off work. therefore, this was factored into the token value.

I think one critical health Challenge that no one seems to talk about is the issue of Mental health. Alot of vibrant youths have died as a result of depression due to stress and the likes. I would like to know how Immunify thinks the issue of Mental health could be addressed? How do you intend to raise this awareness through your project?

Guy Newing:
There are so many important health challenges at this moment we are focussed on HIV, Opioid and COVID but as time progresses we can address more.

Guy Newing:
These are all great questions thanks for your enthusiasm.

Sam and Guy, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Do you have any final words for us?

Please feel free to share any links you would like to with our community as we wrap up.

Sam Basilly:
Thanks everyone! I had a great time hosting the AMA with your community today! If you have anymore questions please hop into our Telegram group ( and we’d be happy to welcome you into our Immunify Family

Make sure to check out our other socials to stay up to the most recent updates on Immunify! So great to see such an amazing response!

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Immunify.Life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem secured by blockchain with the mission to transform the landscape of health management and data utilization. The project leverages the power of Big Health Data and Artificial Intelligence to ensure seamless movement of de-identified patient healthcare data.

Immunify.Life has established a strong presence in Africa with a team that has over 60 years of combined experience in the relevant industries. It is a world-first holistic and self-sustaining ecosystem to solve global health management crises and data collection challenges.

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